‘The Acolyte’ Takes Place Long Before the Prequel Trilogy

the acolyte timeline

With the Star Wars Celebration on the horizon, a new piece by Vanity Fair has given us a plethora of information on what the future has in store for Star Wars fans, most notably updates on the mysterious The Acolyte Disney+ series. Showrunner Leslye Headland offered a tease of what and when the series will take place.

In the Vanity Fair interview, she reveals that The Acolyte takes place around 100 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. So, it looks like we’re about to enter a new era that hasn’t been explored yet in a live-action adaptation so far.

A lot of those characters haven’t even been born yet. We’re taking a look at the political and personal and spiritual things that came up in a time period that we don’t know much about. My question when watching The Phantom Menace was always like, ‘Well, how did things get to this point?’ How did we get to a point where a Sith lord can infiltrate the Senate and none of the Jedi pick up on it? Like, what went wrong? What are the scenarios that led us to this moment?”

Leslye Headland

She goes on to highlight the series as a mystery thriller during what seems like a “peaceful era,” which she coins as the “Age of Enlightenment.”

We actually use the term the Renaissance, or the Age of Enlightenment. The Jedi uniforms are gold and white, and it’s almost like they would never get dirty. They would never be out and about. “The idea is that they could have these types of uniforms because that’s how little they’re getting into skirmishes.

Leslye Headland

It definitely sounds like we’re going to explore an era similar to the High Republic but one that is in the middle of shifting into a new era that has a dark foreboding future for the Jedi.

Source: Vanity Fair

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