‘The Flash’ Set Photos Tease Ezra Miller Wearing a Familiar Ring

the flash set photos

It has been quite a day for set photos from the upcoming The Flash film. Not only did we get a first full look at Sasha Calle‘s Supergirl costume, but we even got a glimpse of Michael Keaton returning as Bruce Wayne on set. It doesn’t end there, as we also have some set photos offering a closer look at Ezra Miller with a very peculiar object on his hand. Now, during DC FanDome we found out that Michael Keaton‘s Batman will help him design a brand new suit. Well, one of the set photos, as shared by @bigscreenleaks offers a glimpse at a rather familiar golden ring to comic readers.

The ring seems to have a very classic look and might be part of that development process for his new suit. When we are first introduced to the DCEU’s version of the character, his suit is very bulky and was quite complex in design. DC FanDome revealed a sleeker design, which seems heavily inspired by the 1991 Batman suit. It’ll be interesting to see if we get a glimpse of the new costume in future set photos, as they continue to film in an open location.

It currently seems to be taking place in Central City, but the clothes seem to fit better in a future version of Gotham that we saw in the classic Tim Burton films. Michael Keaton‘s sighting on the film’s set opens up the question of which part of the multiverse this takes place in. Whatever is the case, it’s going to be quite a spectacle once the film finally releases after getting delayed on multiple occasions.

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