The Hypothetical 2023 Marvel Studios Release Calendar, V5

Following July’s pre-SDCC update to the hypothetical calendar, we thought we were done in 2023, yet here we are with another updated version which will definitely be the last one…right? But as you’ll see, Marvel Studios’ 2023 slate looks quite a bit different than it did pre-SDCC.

With Blade bringing on a new writer and then another new writer (who is reportedly completely rewriting the script) and finding a new director, the film was pushed to 2024. And that may not be the only project that finds itself pushed into 2024…

*NOTE* we are no longer tracking animated projects nor including them on the hypothetical calendars.

This project went from “it may never get made” to “it’s a D+ project” to being the project that kicks off Phase 5 for Marvel Studios and introduces the Multiverse Saga’s big bad in Jonathan Major‘s Kang the Conqueror. Or at least one version of him. “One of the best scripts Marvel’s ever had.” “A huge movie for the saga.” Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania looks likely to catch the majority of even the most hardcore Marvel Studios’ fans by surprise and as predicted in the last version, Marvel is hyping this one up well ahead of schedule.

We’d previously thought Secret Invasion might kickoff 2023 and Phase 5, but Kevin Feige slated this one for “Spring” at SDCC ’22 and we’re not arguing with the One-Above-All. The paranoia-heavy spy thriller is being labeled as a “crossover event” by Marvel Studios and is supposed to lay the groundwork for Don Cheadle‘s Armor War film which is currently undated.

A first look at the film finally arrived and the trailer has fans wondering which characters are going to survive the emotionally-charged final film in James Gunn‘s Guardians trilogy. While it’s the end of this group’s journey, we actually expect most of the team to come out alive, but permanently changed.

The second season of Loki is shaping up to be nearly as wild of a ride as the first. Some fairly major spoilers have, unfortunately, made their way around the internet but fortunately (and as is often the case) they lack context and completeness so there’s still plenty to be surprised by when this one streams on D+ next Summer.

Footage of The Marvels was shown exclusively to D23 and it looked like an absolute trip! Tonally, The Marvels seems as different as The Winter Soldier was from The First Avenger or as Ragnarok was from The Dark World. Both of those tonal shifts resulted in incredibly successful sequels and this film really looks to have a chance to follow that trend.

Like The Marvels, footage from Ironheart screened at D23 and it looked fantastic. All the rumors of the science vs. magic showdown of Riri Williams and The Hood turned out to be true and the decision to involve Riri in the events of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever means audiences will be much more likely to tune in for the next chapter of her story.

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