The Pulse: Collecting the Biggest News of the Week of December 12th-18th

It’s time for another edition of The Pulse. Because you were too busy to read it the first time, we wrote it a second time, in an order that might surprise you.

One of the biggest movies in the biggest film franchise of all time makes a lot of money.

spider man no way home domestic

Spider-Man: No Way Home was greeted with an enthusiasm from audiences all around the world that we probably haven’t seen since Avengers: Endgame. That led to it surpassing expectations in what regards its domestic debut. The incredible reviews it got, coupled with the passionate word of mouth, seems to hint at its box office tally continued growth at a steady rhythm in the coming weeks.

New characters added to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

726 variants of Mephisto are set to debut on the Doctor Strange sequel that’s set to premiere next year. We’ll get Grumpy Mephisto, Sleepy Mephisto, Dopey, Sneezy, and several more. According to a trade report, the movie will be setting up the Multiverse as the MCU takes a deep dive into the concept, after only tip-toeing through it in the more recent projects.

Spider-M4n is a go

spider man 4

The worst best-kept secret in Hollywood outside of everything regarding Spider-Man: No Way Home has been finally made public. Spider-Man 4 is confirmed to be in active development over at Marvel Studios meaning the web-slinger will continue his cinematic journey alongside, should we say, much more likable, powerful and overall heroic characters. Hopefully, this fourth solo outing, that may or may not evolve into a new trilogy (it depends if fans finally start connecting with such an obnoxious and awkward character), will focus more on a struggling Parker as he leaves his vigilante days behind him and gets a real job for once.

Karate Kid spin-off² goes back to where it all started.

Xolo Maridueña is set to become the superhero his Cobra Kai days have shown he always had the potential to be. His debut in the upcoming Blue Beetle has now moved from being an HBO Max exclusive to a full-fledged theatrical release. Hopefully, this not only hints at a hopeful future in what the COVID-19 pandemic is concerned, with audiences back in theaters but at a worthy final product that’ll justify the push to the big screen where expectations are bound to increase. Now just cast Elisabeth Shue as La Dama.

‘Hawkeye’ finale being an hour long screws even more healthy sleeping schedules.

hawkeye finale

This is a bit of news that will probably anger east-coast fans as next Thursday’s productivity might be at an all-time low. For everybody else, besides being cool that we’ll be having more minutes to enjoy, it seems to hint that Hawkeye might actually resolve most of its storylines. The plot twist will probably be that the show will use those extra minutes to develop a few more unresolved storylines and have the MCU never address them ever again.

Jim Mickle is set to adapt one of the best movies you haven’t watched yet.

god country netflix

There’s this guy working at Marvel Comics who, ever since starting at the company, has written some of the most absurdly awesome storylines ever put to paper this century. From Doctor Strange to the Silver Surfer, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Venom, there’s hardly a character he has touched that didn’t instantly become a must-read series. But before all of this he wrote God Country, over at Image Comics. His name is Donny Cates, and he is working on the adaptation that Legendary is putting together, alongside Jim Mickle. Mickle also adapted the iconic comic series Sweet Tooth for Netflix, a series that didn’t get enough attention as it probably was in the top 5 of comic book adaptations in 2021. Meaning he should be good at his job. So being, God Country is on the right path to become a huge disappointment as it seems to have nowhere to go but down, given the quality of the source material and the talent already attached to it.

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