The Tivan Collection: Marvel Legends Kro

Marvel Studios Eternals hits theaters this week. The film features a strong ensemble cast bringing to life some of Jack Kirby’s most curious creations, including the Deviants, the changing people who find themselves in an everlasting battle against the Eternals. The Deviant warlord Kro serves as one of the film’s more unique antagonists and was made into a deluxe Legends figure apart from the Eternals wave.

Kro is among the most unique Marvel Legends of the past few years. The sculpt on the figure is nothing short of one of Hasbro’s most intricate and detailed to date. Each Deviant is unique and, in this way, Kro stands out not only among the Eternals Legends figures but also of Hasbro’s offerings over the past year. The deluxe figure comes with 2 accessories (tendrils the character uses in the film to multiple ends) but it’s not the accessories that make the figure worthy of joining your collection. This is one MCU figure that captures the magic of the movies.

Kro is available for purchase at Entertainment Earth. You can catch Kro in Marvel Studios Eternals beginning on November 5th.

Murphy’s Multiverse is an Entertainment Earth affiliate.

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