The Tivan Collection: Marvel Legends Makkari

Marvel Studios Eternals hits theaters this week. The film features a strong ensemble cast bringing to life some of Jack Kirby’s most curious creations. Among those making the jump to the MCU is the speedster of the group, Makkari. Makkari, played by Lauren Ridloff, is the first deaf superhero to hit the big screen and the first of the Eternals wave we’ll look at in the first installment of the Tivan Collection.

The Eternals wave, as a whole, presents as one of Hasbro’s most minimalist. Each figure comes with few accessories other than the BAF piece; however, this is a case of less is more as the attention to detail on the character sculpts is superior to some of their other MCU efforts. Each Eternal has very unique and elaborate costume design that, while not Kirby-esque, is very distinctive. In this case, Makarri’s looks great as does the face sculpt.

The Eternals wave might be an all or nothing proposition for some collectors; however, I have a feeling Makkari is going to be one of the more popular characters plucked individually off store shelves; not because her costume is the flashiest, but because she represents a major paradigm shift for heroes. The changes the MCU made to Makkari will make her very important to a lot of people. For those collecting the entire wave individually, you’ll need her to complete the Gilgamesh BAF.

If you’re looking to add Makkari to your collection, you can find her here at Entertainment Earth. You can also pre-order the entire Eternals wave here. Marvel Studios Eternals hits theaters November 5th.

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