Marvel Comics New Iron Fist Revealed

Over the past week, Marvel Comics teased the coming of a new Iron Fist. First, a drawing, reminiscent of John Romita’s famous Spider-Man No More panel teased Danny Rand abandoning the identity; that was quickly followed up the next day by another sketch of a mysterious character sporting the classic colors of the Immortal Weapon of K’un-Lun. Now, after a closer look at the details of the two drawings, it seems the identity of the new Iron Fist can be deduced.

A closer look at the “Iron Fist No More” teaser shows turquoise shards scattered around the dumpster in which Danny Rand has deposited his Iron Fist costume. Those shards share an uncanny resemblance to the Sword of Fu Xi, the millennia-old sword wielded by Lin Lie, aka Sword Master. It’s probably then no coincidence that the character on display in the follow-up image is sporting the very same belt worn by Lie since he first appeared in Marvel Comics.

The Sword of Fu Xi, much like the Ebony Blade wielded by the Black Knight, gives its owner incredible power while also leading them down a dark road. Both blades were recently used to help dispatch of Knull in the King in Black event. The sword’s destruction and the appearance of the demons in the “Iron Fist No More” sketch (take a close look) could explain both how Lie gains his new powers and the threat he will face in the new 5-issue limited series.

Marvel Comics Iron Fist will be on shelves in your LCS in February and available for pre-order soon!

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