Theory Thursday: ‘Ms. Marvel’ Will Lead to an Incursion

Episode 3 of Ms. Marvel, entitled “Destined”, made it clear that Kamala Khan will be involved in much more than street-level threats. The young hero clearly has connections to universe and multiverse-spanning abilities and those seem related heavily to her family history. In essence, Ms. Marvel may be opening a very large door into the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline. In particular, Episode 3 gave hints that the events of the series could lead to an incursion and tie into a future Secret Wars adaptation. 

Ms. Marvels third episode opened with quite the bombardment of new, cosmic-level information and stakes. Najma, Kamran’s mother, reveals to Kamala that the Clandestines are Djinn from a place they refer to as the Noor Dimension. She also tells Kamala that Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha was also Djinn and that the group was exiled from the Noor Dimension and was trying to use Kamala’s bangle as a way to get back. While Najma is clearly an antagonist and some of the details should not be taken at full face value, the lingering implication is that Kamala has the power to create the means for inter-dimensional travel. 

Ms. Marvel #16 (2015)

The last time we got to explore multiple realities was in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There, we first learn that incursions are happening to some extent throughout the multiverse. Incursions are essentially the colliding of two realities that—as described by Earth-838’s Reed Richards—ultimately lead to the destruction of one or both. We do not know much about incursions, other than that a multiverse-traveling sorcerer can cause one by leaving too much of a footprint in another universe. In Ms. Marvel, the Clandestines are implying that inter-dimensional travel could be at play, which may implicate some of the forces behind incursions.

Still, Kamala’s abilities are mysterious. When she confides in Bruno about the Clandestines and her plan, his research (based on scholarship by Thor’s Dr. Eric Selvig) leads him to believe that she would essentially need the power equivalent to that of the sun to actually make it happen. In other words, he warns her that “if you help them go home, some things might go boom.” The foreshadowing of destruction certainly brings to mind the idea of the demolition of a dimension or universe. To be fair, the MCU has not been overly clear as to the distinction, if any, between other “dimensions” and “universes”, but the same logic might apply. 

Ms. Marvel #19 (2015)

By the end of the series, the inter-dimensional and/or multiversal implications of Ms. Marvel could very well lead to this sort of “boom” Bruno warned Kamala about, and there is plenty of reason to think that the fallout could be an incursion. In the comics, the Secret Wars (2015) storyline was a major influence on Kamala’s story early on. She actually first meets Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in the lead-up to the final incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610. Considering an adaptation of Secret Wars has been hinted at in the MCU for quite some time, incursion-related consequences stemming from Ms. Marvel could easily go on to influence The Marvels and an eventual Secret Wars

There are still numerous mysteries to be explored in Ms. Marvel, and Kamala’s family history and connection to the bangle are sure to be big reveals. Considering that Kevin Feige recently promised fans that the direction of the MCU in Phase Four and beyond will soon become clear, Ms. Marvel may very well be laying more groundwork for a Secret Wars event in a direct way, coming right off of Multiverse of Madness. Whether she directly or indirectly causes an incursion herself is yet to be seen, but her presence in the universe is definitely cosmic. 

The first three episodes of Ms. Marvel are now streaming on Disney+.

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