UPDATE: ‘Titans’ Casting Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake Confirmed

Update: Well, it didn’t take long for the official Titans account to finally confirm the casting.

Source: Twitter


The upcoming season of Titans may become a turning point for the series. Finally, long-awaited characters are joining the series. During the FanDome event in August, we learned that the third season would see the debut of Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow in this series. We also learned that Jason Todd would become the Red Hood, as Blackfire finally arrives on Earth. It teased a great battle for the future of our planet. There was, however, one more rumor that had been teasing the upcoming season’s direction. We might see the live-action debut of one more iconic Batman character, the only other mind that could rival the world’s greatest detective, Tim Drake.

We’ve been anticipating any casting news that would confirm this rumor. Supposedly, Titans may have already cast Robin, and that he could join the ranks of the Titans to fill the void Todd left behind. The small site Full Circle Cinema ran a story that Ryan Lycurgo was cast in the role based on a posting in the DC’s Titans Facebook Group. Interestingly enough, the actor is no stranger to DC, as he can be seen in the trailer for the upcoming The Batman film. He was one of the goons with painted faces near the end of the trailer. Now, we had no other word on if this casting may turn out to be true. At least until Ryan Potter, who many might recognize as Titans’ Beast Boy, confirmed the casting on Twitter.


Titans’ third season is currently in production after suffering a massive delay due to the ongoing pandemic. The project will debut on HBO Max and will see the return of the Titans as they make their way to Gotham City. There, they’ll find themselves working with the new commissioner, Barbara Gordon. Drake’s introduction makes sense within this season and could lead to a larger role alongside this version’s Batman. We’ll see how his role will fit into the larger narrative set-up by the show and if we might see some spin-offs shortly.

Source: Full Circle Cinema via DC’s Titans, Twitter

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