‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ Faces Harsh Drop in Second Weekend

venom 2 second weekend

The numbers are in and Venom: Let There Be Carnage seems to be facing a harsh drop in its second weekend. The sequel pulled in around $8.85M this Friday, which is a drop of 76%. As of now, the film is eyeing around $32.49M, which puts it at a total drop of around 64%. In comparison, the first Venom was able to hold at around 9.8M in 2018. It had less competition at the time, as its sequel faces off against the final Daniel Craig-led James Bond film, No Time to Die. It’s only slightly below Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s 62% back in 2017. It may potentially have a leggier run just like the Spidey flick. Still, for now, the film is eyeing a 30M second weekend.

Right now, it seems like the film could manage around $180M by the end of its run. It managed to pass the $100M mark in just a few days and was on par with Shang-Chi‘s developments after premiering with $90M. There’s a chance it could hit the $200M range if it has a similar multiplier like Black Widow, but the following weeks will offer a clearer picture.

No Time To Die is eyeing the top spot with a $60M but is also far behind earlier expectations. Still, Forbes’ Scott Mendelsohn highlights that its current development is on par with pre-pandemic only suffering around a 15% loss due to COVID. Its competition, Shang-Chi and Addams Family 2 were still holding surprisingly firm over the weekend. The former even got a bit of a rebound this Friday and is eyeing a still-impressive $4.37M.

Source: Forbes, Twitter

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