Vincent D’Onofrio Admits Uncertainty Over Netflix Canon

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Back in 2018, we witnessed half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe blipped out of existence. Even today we’re still learning just who survived and who got dusted. Recently in Hawkeye, we learned that Yelena Belova, sister of Natasha Romanoff, was a victim of the blip. One character from that show whose fate during the blip remains a mystery is Wilson Fisk.

Vincent D’Onofrio recently sat down with the folks over at Marvel News Desk, who asked the actor if he’d played this version of Kingpin as if he blipped or hadn’t.

Well, I don’t think I can talk about it because I don’t really know. I can only go by what I think and how I played it but I don’t want to put it out there because then it will become canon. I never had that discussion with anybody so just because of what I had to do in the story, I had to think about it a certain way for me to be able to understand my sort of history up until that point. Hopefully I’ll get another stab at Fisk and it’ll come out another way.

Contrary to what people initially thought, it now seems that D’Onofrio was never really given any information on the canonicity of Fisk’s previous appearance in the Netflix shows. The man certainly reserves the right to portray the character such – with canonicity in mind – but until the story explicitly states it, the debate continues to be in flux. The Fisk we met in Hawkeye was a bit different than the one we were quite used to on Daredevil, so whether it’s a post-blip Fisk or even a soft rebooted one remains to be seen.

Source: Marvel News Desk

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