Vincent D’Onofrio on Hawkeye: “This is Going to Be Fun”

Vincent D’Onofrio is STRONGLY rumored to appear in Hawkeye and, as it turns out, he’s looking forward to the streaming series.

For months now, rumors have swirled that Vincent D’Onofrio would be reprising his role as Wilson Fisk in the upcoming Marvel Studios streaming series Hawkeye. If the “rumors” are true, D’Onofrio would join Charlie Cox in making the jump from Marvel’s Netflix Defender-verse to the mainstream MCU.

While both actors have attempted to deny their involvement, they’ve both recently commented on what they’d like to see their characters do if they did return with D’Onofrio recently saying he’d love to go up against Spider-Man. D’Onofrio is always active on social media and with Hawkeye’s debut just a week away, the actor took to Twitter to indicate that he’s also a big fan of the Marvel Studios’ produced series on Disney Plus and that he thinks this one is “going to be fun.”

With Maya Lopez, aka Echo, appearing in Hawkeye and her character having such strong comic book ties to Kingpin, the series provides the perfect opportunity for the character to come on board. The return of Cox and D’Onofrio in their respective roles could prove to be just the beginning of big things for those characters in the future, with a Daredevil project rumored to be in the works. With Hawkeye’s 6 episodes spanning the holiday season and wrapping up before the new year, maybe Kingpin is Feige’s gift to us all.

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