‘What If…?’ Funko Leak May Hint at Ultron’s New Name

what if ultron

At the end of the latest What If…? episode, the multiverse’s next challenge has finally shown its fangs. Ultron, in the body of Vision, appeared before Thor and the Watcher. Even the almighty being has no idea where and why this version of the sentient AI arrived. His design also raised some questions, such as if he is still Ultron or does he go by the name he gave his Vibranium-based body. A potential Funko Pop leak may have given us a clearer picture of what the Infinity Stone-wearing robot will be going by the Supreme Leader.

The leak comes from the Instagram account mariobros612, which has given reliable information in the past, such as the Doctor Strange sequel Funko leak back in July. It seems that the Ultron-inspired Funko will only be available at New York Comic-Con. Sadly, we don’t get an official look at it yet, as he may have his visor up or down, but Funko hasn’t been disappointed with their latest additions.

We got our first glimpse at the character back in April and he’s been featured on the What If…? poster for some time, but we were only given glimpses. The name Supreme Leader would match his Tony Stark-inspired ego, especially after gaining all the Infinity Stones. The “Supreme” part of the name was first noticed back in June, but most believed that it was a hint at a version of Captain America that joined HYDRA. It’s fun to see how some early leaks come to fruition later down the line.

Source: Instagram, Full Circle

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