‘Assembled’: ‘WandaVision’s Episode is the Most Watched Entry of the Marvel Studios BTS Series

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Disney+ doesn’t actively share any viewing data. So, we are dependent on external analysts to figure out how successful a show may be on the streaming service. Luckily, the latest analysis by Samba TV has revealed that WandaVision‘s Assembled episode is the most-watched episode of all three.

They shared the statistic on Twitter which showcases how many viewers the episodes got in their first five days. WandaVision led with 98K US households followed by Loki with 65K as well as Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s 61K. It seems that the premier Marvel Studios series had the most momentum, as people wanted to uncover how they brought the iconic sitcom eras to life throughout each episode.


It’s an interesting insight into how many viewers are interested in the BTS episodes. It seems that this additional one-episode format per Disney+ series is paying off and has earned a considerable audience in the US. We’re still questioning if we potentially get the release of a Black widow-focused episode. There was never any announcement if they are actively including it in the series. So, it seems likely they might be utilizing this exclusively for the Disney+ series.

Yet, they might also time it with the digital release, as they also include various looks at behind-the-scenes and cut scenes. Plus, the Disney+ series run for several weeks and it only gets released once the series’ finale got released. It’ll be interesting to see how many viewers the BTS episode on What If might garner, as we get a closer look at the animation process of his unique series. Here’s hoping Assembled has a long history ahead.

Source: Twitter

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