Benedict Cumberbatch Teases ‘SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME’s Ambition and Impact

spider man no way home benedict cumberbatch

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding at an exponential rate. We finally jumped into the multiverse with Disney+’s new What If…? series and will soon dive even deeper with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Yet, we’ll have a brief interlude into the Spider-Verse with Spider-Man: No Way Home. The first trailer broke many records as we witness Spidey and Doctor Strange face a familiar threat when Spider-Man 2‘s Doctor Octopus, played by Alfred Molina, makes his first on-screen appearance since 2004.

With all the rumors circling this project, it’s hard to grasp just how large it may end up being once it premieres this December. In an interview with Variety, Benedict Cumberbatch teases just how crazy this project may end up being.

There’ll be a lot of debate about it [Spidey 3] I’m sure. It’s a daring, brilliant concept. Seriously, it has got great ambition. I haven’t seen it, but by all accounts, it has achieved it. Even on paper, the audacity of it is like.. how the hell is that gonna.. [expletive].

He does also praises director Jon Watts for his work on the project and teases that the Doctor Strange sequel will also challenge the ambition of this project. Countless rumors are surrounding this project with the first trailer already teasing a multiversal team of six sinister villains. It even adds more to the potential of other Spider-Men returning to the roles in the threequel.

Who knows what other concepts and ideas will get introduced in the film that Marvel Studios managed to keep behind closed doors, as we still don’t know what it means for the future of Tom Holland‘s version of the character as Sony expands their own franchise. A lot is riding on this and with Shang-Chi‘s recent success adding hope to pandemic numbers, the film may become the highest-grossing 2021 release.

Source: Variety

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