‘Big Mouth’ & Spinoff ‘Human Resources’ Renewed for Final Seasons

big mouth final season

Seems Netflix is cleaning the house, as one of its longest-running shows is coming to an end. Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s Big Mouth has been renewed for an eighth season ahead of the release of its latest season. The big twist is that the show about kids going through their puberty, which manifests itself into different types of creatures, will be ending with that season.

But wait folks, there’s more as Human Ressources, a spinoff show of Big Mouth, is also set to return for a final season. It only got two seasons in total and the spinoff is set to arrive later this year. What does make this stand out is that Big Mouth’s eighth season also will act as a send-off to both entries due to how they connected in the past.

Kroll shared the following statement as a joke referencing the series coming to an end:

If you would have told adolescent Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg that middle school would take 8 years to finish, they would have been like ‘yeah, that sounds about right. This seems like it will never end.

Nick Kroll

With this cancelation, Big Mouth is the longest-running series in Netflix’s library of originals that isn’t categorized under Kids & Family. This renewal puts it ahead of Grace & Franky, which ran for a total of seven seasons. With a live-action adaptation of One Piece on the horizon, perhaps it might break its record given just how long the manga has been running; if it turns out to be quite popular of course.

The show’s popularity had many surprised given its very in-depth but fantastical look at hormones, becoming an adult, sexuality, and coming of age. Both entries combined have reached one billion hours viewed on Netflix and have been watched by 50M+ households.

Source: Deadline

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