CONFIRMED: Sony Moving Ahead With a New ‘Karate Kid’ Movie

Sony Pictures has officially announced it is moving ahead with a new Karate Kid movie set for a 2024 release.

Back in August, we exclusively revealed that Sony Pictures was moving ahead with a new Karate Kid movie. Now, the studio has officially announced a release date for the untitled Karate Kid movie, which is being called a return to the original franchise. Per the outlet, the new Karate Kid movie will hit theaters on June 7th, 2024. While no further details were made available, it’s expected that the kid will serve as the teacher in this new installment.

From what we could gather, the new film will center on a teenage boy named Li. The young student is said to be small for his age, but tough, smart and scrappy. Li is said to be a skilled fighter and a student in Beijing who finds his life uprooted after his mother moves them to Brooklyn, New York. After meeting Mia, a student from his high school, and her father, Victor, at a local pizza restaurant, he’ll soon find his life has changed yet again – for the better.

It’s interesting to see how The Karate Kid has become a franchise of its own over the years. Netflix has seen a lot of success with the spinoff series Cobra Kai which further explored the characters from the original films by taking a closer look at where they are all these years later. This isn’t even the first remake of the film as Jaden Smith had the leading role opposite Jackie Chan back in 2010, which didn’t pick up as much momentum as the original did.

With Cobra Kai going into its sixth season, it remains to be seen whether or not that series will tie back into the new Karate Kid film. However, with a release date set, perhaps we’ll soon learn more about the newest installment.

Source: Deadline.

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