DC’s ‘Green Lantern’: Who is Simon Baz?

The Green Lantern Corps is one of many emotional spectrum corps that have protected the galaxy since they were formed over three billion years ago by the Guardians of the Universe. The Corp has known no prejudice, welcoming a variety of species and races, choosing only those with the greatest amount of willpower to fight and protect the universe from those who seek to spread fear, anger, and greed. The most notable of lanterns have become staples in the DC Universe and will return to live-action in HBO Max’s Green Lantern series, one that will span decades and focus on some of the most iconic corp members.

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Simon Baz first appeared in The New 52: FCBD Special Edition #1 in June of 2012, created by Geoff Johns and Greg Mahnke. Baz was ten when the events of 9/11 happened and, as a Lebanese-American, faced many racial prejudices throughout his early life, going as far as having to defend his sister from bullies multiple times. Simon eventually became a mechanic after gaining a degree in engineering. When the economy declined Baz lost his job, leaving him to rely on street racing and stealing cars and scrapping them for parts to sell for money. After a high speed chase, Simon was apprehended by officers who assumed him to be a terrorist and had him sent to Guantanamo Bay for further questioning. When he pleaded with them to let him go, assuring them he wasn’t a terrorist, a ring burst into the questioning room choosing Simon as the next Green Lantern of Sector 2814.


One major difference between Simon and the other Lanterns is that he insists on carrying a gun with him despite wielding one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. Baz believes that if he’s ever caught in a hard situation and unable to use the ring, that the gun would be his last line of defense.

Simon Baz is set to make his live action debut in the HBO Max Green Lantern series. A release date has yet to be set and no casting has been made at this time.

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