‘DOOM PATROL’ Review: 2.09, “Wax Patrol”

Setting up what was probably supposed to be quite the epic finale, “Wax Patrol” finds the team at the tail end of Dorothy Day, in an abrupt finish, Doom Patrol finishes its second season with a shocking cliffhanger that begs the question, will the team ever truly feel whole again? The finale may not have been what fans wanted but due to the ongoing pandemic it was impossible for them to finish the season, as the safety and health of all involved in the production means much more than something that can definitely be folded into the shows next season. With the success and the praise the past season has mustered I see it as virtually impossible that a third season isn’t put into production as soon as possible.

We open in quaint Milwaukee diner in the year 1969, just as a shy, yet curious Miranda is getting off work. She’s greeted by a lone guitarist just looking to make a living playing what tunes he knows. The man extends an invitation for a date that the reclusive Miranda is unsure about at first but she comes around to the idea after sharing a sandwich with the vagrant musician. The relationship seemingly blossoms between the two and the end up moving in with each other. As primary Miranda believes this could be the best possible situation for them and that they could possibly be happy in one place for once. This of course isn’t the case, following they’re big move in the two decide to have a house warming party, but what Miranda isn’t aware of is that this house warming party is actually just an orgy organized by the one person she had learned to trust, and considering Kay’s traumas revolving around her father this obviously did not fly. After causing quite the ruckus, an understandable ruckus that is, Crazy Jane is born, and is new primary sees it best to get them out of that situation. This leads to the moment briefly mentioned in season 1, as Miranda hurdles herself down the well. Crazy enough its revealed that Miranda is not who she says she is and leads to another giant unanswered question as to who she really is? has father returned? Diane Guerrero does not get enough credit for the work she puts in on this show, slaying every single persona down to the way she speaks, its incredible how she’s able to differentiate them all, and deliver a knockout performance time and time again.

Corralled by a nervous Herschel, The team quickly makes their way to the fairgrounds where

Dorothy day had taken place, one now devoid of people and beginning to melt. This doesn’t make everyone too happy. Cliff, still pissed beyond belief at the Chief, would much rather attend his daughters wedding then give any other ounce of help to Dorothy and Chief. But thanks to Larry’s excellent call to action the gang heads to the fair where they eventually split up and are each greeted by the now loose Candlemaker, who has taken the form of each and everyone of their childhood imaginary friends. Through a fight with a profane and enraged Jesus, to a dance with a paper doll, and a pep talk from a scientific cowboy, each and everyone of them believing to have defeated their imaginary foes is met with the Candlemaker. This leads to the waxing of each and everyone of them, except for Cliff who is given the worst fate, and is blown to pieces and then waxed over.

In the final scenes, Dorothy is seen treading the now waxed fair grounds and sees the chaos and devastation that the Candlemaker has unleashed, the emotion through her perfomance is once again a standout and you can hear the pain Dorothy feels as it pushes through the prosthetic’s upon her face. Dorothy is once again greeted by her mother who ask her the difficult question, Are you girl or are you a woman? Dorothy realizes only she herself can be the one to face the Candlemaker and slides the red boots on. With her father behind and unable to stop her, Dorothy is pulled into the fire.

Doom Patrol Season 2 did what many shows struggle to do, and that is to live up to the previous season. Without stopping for a second Doom Patrol handles the outlandish and the emotion and gives so much depth to what seems like a bunch of silly characters. I don’t believe this season was able to best the first but I also don’t believe it was worse in any way shape or form. I eagerly await a third season renewal that can explore so much more of the rich history behind the Doom Patrol.

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