EXCLUSIVE: Tara Strong Wants Coral to Kill Everyone and Take Over in ‘Crossing Swords’

tara strong crossing swords

Voice actress Tara Strong has played plenty of powerful and dangerous characters in the past, but never one as violent and vulgar as Coral on Crossing Swords. As one of the protagonist siblings, Coral often takes the backseat but is always given some sort of plot-line throughout the seasons, being a pirate and all. Sadly, the character has never truly been given her time in the limelight, as it isn’t her story. Strong, however, has a few ideas on where she would love to see her character move on in the future.

We recently had the chance to talk with the voice actress about her character and the upcoming second season of Crossing Swords. We were curious just where Strong would like to see her character go and how she would love to see her character progress, and didn’t hold back with her answer.

I think she should just kill everyone and be queen. Hello! She should be running the show, she’s the smartest.

Tara Strong

Following up on this question, as we highlighted how incompetent the current royalty is in the fictional peg world of Crossing Swords, she gave the following response:

Yeah, they’re ridiculous, Right! she needs to take over. She just needs some dragons and needs to go all Khaleesi on everyone, you know?

Tara Strong

Her direction for Coral is definitely a creative one, but wouldn’t seem too out of character for her. Of course, it seems unlikely that the creative team would kill off all their characters, but they might take a creative root with her character taking over in a future season. It would certainly add an interesting new dynamic to the show and mix things up for our colorful cast of characters.

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