Hawkeye Episode 3 Primer

Episode 3 of Hawkeye is almost here and could be the most explosive episode yet

In the first two episodes of Hawkeye, “Never Meet Your Heroes” and “Hide and Seek” we saw Clint Barton trying to spend time with his kids in New York City after having lost them to the Snap and then getting them back. At the same time, we meet Kate Bishop, who is portrayed perfectly by Hailee Steinfeld, when she comes home to find out her mom is getting married to Jacques Duquesne, who Kate isn’t fond of. He tries so hard to shove himself into Kate’s life but she isn’t having and she is suspicious of Jacques and his mysterious ways. Kate gets into a little bit of trouble with the Tracksuit Mafia, forcing Clint to send his family home and bringing the two heroes, and the Pizza Dog, together.

This upcoming episode should belong to Maya Lopez, aka Echo. We met Echo, played by Alaqua Cox, in the last few seconds of “Hide and Seek” and while we don’t really know her all that well, we know is she is the boss of the Tracksuit Mafia. This episode should be more of an introduction for the character who is a very special character with some very special abilities. As we saw, Echo is deaf and can only feel vibrations and/or read lips, which kind of gives her something in common with Clint. She’s also a great martial artist and has some pretty interesting connections to some really interesting people. If we get to know more about Maya in this episode, it won’t be long before one of those people turns up.

Arlyn’s Assumptions


In this upcoming episode, I am very positive that Clint and Kate will escape. Wouldn’t be much of a Hawkeye show if they didn’t. Marvel has shown a lot of footage of the big car chase which I think has to be in one of the next two episodes. We’re also getting to the perfect opening where Yelena and Kingpin can come into the show, which I talked about last week. Yelena heard about Natasha and how she died and is out to kill Clint for “killing her.” It’s perfect timing for Yelena to get involved and complicate things even more. And as for Kingpin, it might be a little early for him but if Clint and Kate escape Echo and the Tracksuits, I don’t think he’ll be very happy, do you?

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