‘Hawkeye’ Finale’s BIG “Death” Explained

Kingpin proved to be pretty hard to kill during Episode 6 of Hawkeye. Did a bullet to the head do the trick? Almost certainly not and the comics hold the answer.

Marvel fans waited patiently to see Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin make a big splash in Hawkeye and their patience paid off in the season finale. Wilson Fisk proved to be a major physical threat and pretty damn hard to kill. He shrugged off an arrow to the chest, showed almost no ill effects to being hit by a car and was able to walk away from an explosion that would have left a normal person in pieces. His reward for all that? Being shot at point-blank range by Maya Lopez at the end of the episode. Is it over for the Kingpin? Did Marvel Studios bring D’Onofrio back simply to kill him off? Absolutely not.

The final meeting between Lopez and Fisk in Episode 6 of Hawkeye was nearly identical to the way things went down between the two characters in David Mack’s Daredevil (Vol.2) , Issue #15, entitled “Vision”, published in 2001. In both cases, Maya took her revenge on Fisk by shooting him at point-blank range.

As we saw in Hawkeye, the Fisk from the comics has also been notoriously hard to kill. In “Visions”, as Fisk is brought into the hospital following his encounter with Maya, readers learn that he was shot multiple times, including once in the head. The medical staff concludes that while he might live, they won’t be repair the damage done to his vision, leaving Kingpin blind. Of course, Fisk didn’t say blind forever and, after having surgery in Sweden to repair the damage done, he returned to his criminal ways.

Given the combination of the way the event went down in the comics, the fact that Hawkeye’s Fisk was essentially indestructible and that we didn’t actually get a look at what transpired, it is reasonable to assume that Fisk is not dead and will be back in action in Echo.

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