‘Hawkeye’ Rumor Review

With Hawkeye, Marvel Studios final streaming series of 2021, ending its run it’s time to take a look back at which rumored characters, plot points and events ended up in the series and which ones didn’t.

Correct: Kingpin Will Appear

This one was a well-known fact among many in the “scooper” community and made its way into the public via a Reddit post. After being referenced regularly and teased in Episode 3, Kingpin was seen at the end of Episode 5 before making his grand entrance into the MCU in Episode 6.

Incorrect: A Combo of a Fat Suit and CGI Will Be Used to Make Kingpin Appear Huge

Kingpin se verá tan exagerado como en Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse en  su regreso al MCU | Código Espagueti

This one spread like wildfire after RPK News shared it and ended up generating the ridiculous looking picture above. As it turned out, it was just D’Onofrio who, at 6’4″ and 250+ lbs., is plenty big enough to be physically menacing.

Correct: Clint Barton Would Need an Audiologist

One of our own and one that was never in doubt since it came from a casting call. Clint’s hearing loss played an integral part in the beginning of the series and, as expected, he had to visit an audiologist. This visit was also seen in set pics taken during filming.

Incorrect: Madame Masque Would Appear in a Supporting Role

Shared last Fall by The Direct, this one turned out to be inaccurate. To add to it a bit, there were also rumblings that Kate’s Mom, Eleanor, would be revealed to be Madame Masque: this was never the case and not something that was “cut” from the series.

Partially Correct: Trickshot and the Tracksuit Mafia Would Appear

Who Are the Tracksuit Mafia in Hawkeye? Why Do they Want the Watch?

An old rumor from MCU Cosmic suggested that Trickshot, the brother of Clint Barton, would appear in Hawkeye. In what seems like a missed opportunity to introduce that character, he was not included. The same report also indicated that the Tracksuit Mafia would appear in the series. Of course, they did appear and were one of the highlights of the series.

Correct: Carlos Navarro Joined the Cast

Another one of ours and it was spot on. The MM team was tipped off and a quick check of social media gave us enough confidence to run it. At the time, we thought maybe Navarro would be playing one of the NYC detectives in the show but, as it turned out, he got to be one of the bros in the Tracksuit Mafia instead!

Correct: Ace Ventura Villain Simon Callow Joined the Cast

This past summer, The Cosmic Circus correctly reported that Simon Callow joined the cast of Hawkeye. Callow, who played one of the Armand’s, was fantastic in his short time in the series.

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