How ‘Masters of The Universe: Revelations’ Part 3 Could Introduce She-Ra

masters of the universe revelation shera

What was thought to be the final installment in the Revelations series has seemingly been flipped on its head, as the final moments unveiled the return of the leader of the Horde, Hordak. The Motherboard cult, which was teased in the first part, infects and mechanizes Skeletor to showcase the change in power moving forward. We don’t get his actual appearance in the series outside of a very familiar logo, but it does open up one question: are we going to see the arrival of She-Ra in the sequel?

It would certainly add some interesting drama for Princess Adora, better known as She-Ra and the twin sister of Prince Adam, to make a sudden return. She-Ra was kidnapped shortly after her birth by Hordak, who took her to the realm of Etheria and made her one of his underlings. Eventually, she would break free from his army to lead a group of rebels to fight the Horde to defeat him once and for all.

Many have become much more familiar with this story thanks to Netflix’s 2018 reboot of the series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. The series was an extensive retelling of the character and reimagined for a modern-day audience. It brought back Adora alongside her extensive supporting cast that includes Catra, Glimmer, Bow, Catra, Entrapta, and, of course, Hordak. However, that series was confirmed as a standalone story and doesn’t rely on any pre-existing Masters of The Universe lore.

It’s very likely Kevin Smith and his creative team will add their own spin to the story and build upon the revelations of the latest entry of the series. We don’t know if She-Ra and Hordak are a known presence in this take on the classic franchise. So, perhaps Adora is the revelation that the title is hinting at, as she helps Adam and Teela against this new threat aiming to end Grayskull once and for all.

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