How ‘SWEET TOOTH’ Season 2 Could Take a Different Route From the Comics

sweet tooth season 2

Netflix gave us the sweetest bit of news announcing Sweet Tooth will be returning for a second season on the streaming service. The series, based on the popular comic of the same name made its debut to outstanding reviews from critics. It even became one of the streamers highest viewed series with over 60 million accounts tuning into the series. Sweet Tooth was only two million away from The Queens Gambit‘s viewers.


Sweet Tooth: Start heute am 4.6.21, Folgen, Besetzung, Trailer, Handlung zur Netflix-Serie


It follows a hybrid deer boy named Gus, who is off looking for his mother. In his journey, he is accompanied by a human named Jeppered. Together traverse the end of the world. While no adaption follows its source material 100%, Sweet Tooth seems to be heading in a similar direction as the original comic going by the first season ended. So, let’s take a closer look at what the second season has in store for us.


If you want to remain completely unspoiled, we will discuss the ending of the comics in this section. Only continue at your own risk.



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The end of the first season saw Becky pick up a signal on a walkie-talkie, but can’t make it out. The voice on the other side of the transmission turns out to be Gus’ mother, Birdie, who made her way to Alaska in search of a cure. It’s the same place they end up in the comics to uncover the truth behind the recent events. With Gus captured by the last men and Jeppered MIA, it might take a bit before they can head that way. Alaska is where the story culminates to reveal the truth behind Gus. Essentially, he is a god or rather the clone of one.


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In the comics, we’re taken back to 1911 when Dr. James Thacker set off to Alaska to find his brother-in-law, Louis Simpson. He found a home in Alaska and chose to stay, marrying and eventually fathering a child with one of the Inuit women he found there. The child was like Gus, a deer-boy, but was the reincarnation of Tekkietsertok. The being is known as the native god of hunting.

Thacker and his men massacre the Inuits and throw the child into a cave, disturbing the resting place of many ancient native gods. It’s these events that release the plague. All the men ended up dying and the plague would end there. Yet, it returned when all of the gods were cloned into new hybrids once again and started the events of the comic.



This revelation essentially answers the question of what came first, the hybrids or the plague. It could very well be the direction the series is heading in, but there is one thing the series has yet to touch. In the comics, it’s the religious influence that drives the story forward with Dr. Singh finding Gus’ dad’s book. He’s the reason they make their way to Alaska in the first place.

With Birdie already there, we could see another origin for Gus play out, especially since he seemed to be the only bi-product of his mother’s initial experiment. As of now, the other native god clones are absent. They could take a less religious influence and simply see the plague as a result of them playing god.

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