Keanu Reeves Offers Update on Talks with Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige

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John Wick and The Matrix‘s Keanu Reeves has been actively talking about his hope of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe one day. We heard that there were talks between him and Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige but it was uncertain what has come of them. Luckily, Phase Zero’s Brandon Davis had the chance to sit down with the actor during his press tour for The Matrix Resurrections, where he revealed that they’ve indeed had talks but that they “don’t have it yet” and they “got to find something.” He is still actively working towards a potential role and

If they still haven’t found the right role as of yet, it might still be quite some time before we see Reeves join the franchise at some point. There was a point when Sony wanted him to tackle the role for the upcoming Kraven the Hunter spinoff series, but it seems unlikely he’ll join a Marvel project that doesn’t involve Feige, who spearheads the MCU. He has been a popular pick to take on the role of Ghost Rider, but it’s uncertain how committed he’d want to be while also juggling his other franchises. Here’s hoping they find the right character sooner rather than later.

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