‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Artwork Offers Closer Look at Classic Villains Updated Designs

spider man no way home villains

Spider-Man: No Way Home has been breaking records at the international box office. It builds upon the previous two film entries and continues the journey of Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker, while also paying tribute to what came before. Villains from the previous Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man franchises make a grand return, but with a twist. Marvel Studios and Sony have given these familiar faces a new look to highlight the meeting of old and new. Luckily, it seems that artwork has found its way online showcasing the details behind these new takes on familiar faces.

Let’s start off with the first confirmed return, which was Alfred Molina‘s Doctor Octopus. His design has mainly remained the same, especially as Marvel Studios used their de-aging technology to make you believe that they are continuing their journey from the moment they were about to die.

Doc-Ock No Way Home

We also have the updated look at Green Goblin, as Willem Dafoe drops the mask for the iconic purple scarf, but just in the form of a ripped-up sweater. He still has his iconic green suit underneath, which ties the elements and adds a bit more usage to it.

Green Goblin No Way Home

Next up is Thomas Haden Church‘s return as Sandman, who spends most of the time in his sand form. We get a brief appearance of the actor at the end.

Sandman No Way Home

The Lizard makes a return from The Amazing Spider-Man and remains mostly the same. They sadly didn’t update his humanoid-reptile face, but it’s still a design that many fans of the film will be happy to see return.

Lizard No Way Home

Last, but certainly not least, Jamie Foxx returned as a very different take on Elektro. He’s gone through the most changes and they managed to find the perfect balance to make it work, especially with the nice touch that electricity creates his iconic mask.

Electro No Way Home

These are some great designs and it makes you wonder if they ever considered changing more elements as production was underway. You never know how much has changed once they get into the draft phase, which may never see the light of day.

Source: Marvel via The Direct

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