Latest ‘Peacemaker’ Trailer Includes Quite a Few Easter Eggs

peacemaker easter eggs

The brand new trailer for Peacemaker has finally arrived and gave us a much more in-depth look at the DC Extended Universe’s first TV series. John Cena will reprise the role of Christopher Smith, the man who will stop at nothing on his quest for peace. James Gunn returns after his work on The Suicide Squad to continue his journey and you can always bet that there’s going to be a ton of Easter eggs when he’s involved with a project. Even the latest trailer offered some great teases. So, let’s dive right into all the secrets the latest trailer offers us.

The Extreme Temperature Helmet

When we first enter what has personally been dubbed “The Peacecave”, we’re greeted by a slew of Peacemaker helmets, which are all seemingly special and unique in their own way. One that’s noticeable for a split second is the helmet Peacemaker developed and donned back in The Peacemaker #5. The helmet was used to fight a molten lava monster and featured his iconic fin as a mohawk. It was styled after Vulcan, the God of Fire.

The Classic Peacemaker Helmet

The Peacemaker we’ve seen so far in both The Suicide Squad and bits of Peacemaker have featured a more modernized take on the character’s look. But if you take a closer look in the Peacecave, you can spot quite a few takes on the character’s original helmet that feature an excessively large fin from one end to the other. While his helmet in The Suicide Squad keeps that base design, it certainly was quite a bit larger at one point.

The Butterflies

Now, for a non-helmet-related Easter egg, we get our first look at something called “the butterflies.” Not much is known about them aside from that they’re small white bugs that are only glimpsed at in the trailer. Perhaps they are connected to the people we see with inhuman strength breaking through the glass. Civilians in the trailer can be seen acting like zombies in an almost mob mentality. We even see a woman who throws Peacemaker through a wall. It’s unknown where the butterflies come from, but they seem to be quite similar to Starro but are an original idea for the series.

The X-Ray Helmet

Another helmet within the lineup is the so-called X-Ray helmet, which is pretty self-explanatory as to what its intended use is for. But It seems like Peacemaker could use the helmet to see who’s been taken over by a butterfly. We see him wear the helmet later on and it might be his best bet to uncover who has or hasn’t been affected by this new threat.

The Privateer

Briefly in the trailer, a poster can be seen for what looks like a movie called “The Privateer.” It may have ties to an existing character within DC Comics. The Privateer was an alias used by Mark Shaw, better known as the Manhunter. It was his heroic alter-ego, joining the Checkmate organization and running it at one point. But the character also joined the Suicide Squad at one point, even going on to work for ARGUS.

Task Force….What Now?

Early on in the trailer, we hear newcomer Leota Adebayo mention that they aren’t an officially sanction Argus Task Force and that they are “on their own”. This is strange considering they have been operating teams with much worse people than that for years now. We also see in the post-credit sequence from The Suicide Squad that they were given the mission to look after Peacemaker. Perhaps the events of the story may have led to them becoming their own splinter team.

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