‘Moon Knight’ Includes Evidence That Either Steven or Marc Could Be the Original Personality

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Moon Knight has certainly put the spotlight on Steven Grant and Marc Spector as two different personalities. While Episode 1 opened the series from the perspective of Steven Grant, Marc Spector is the one originally connected to Khonshu and the titular Moon Knight. While Marc is the original personality in the comics, the Disney+ series has been purposefully ambiguous when it comes to suggesting which personality is the original.

While it would be a bold departure from the comics to have anyone other than Marc be the original identity, the series has not been shy to depart from the comics. Below we’ve compiled some of the strongest evidence that Moon Knight has presented that either Steven or Marc is the original.

Steven Grant

  1. One of the biggest flags for Steven’s character is that he is supposedly in frequent contact with his mother. While there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical about the postcards he received from her and the fact that we’ve never heard her speak back to him on the phone, if he does have a relationship with his mother that would suggest she knew him as a child and that he was very often in control of the body.
  2. Moon Knight as a show officially adopts Steven as its protagonist. Not only is he who we follow for nearly the entirety of Episode 1, but the actual synopsis for the series only mentions Steven.
  3. Speaking of control, from what we know, Steven has been in primary control for at least several months. Spector seems to be able to take control when Steven falls asleep, but clearly he has had a difficult time manifesting his personality.
  4. When Marc did take control at the end of Episode 2, Steven was extremely uncomfortable being “in the mirror”. Marc had clearly gotten used to it, but Steven acted like he had never been there before and was totally unfamiliar with the feeling.
  5. Steven seems to have a life with a foundation. It is nothing overly intricate, but he does have his own flat and job, and it seems as though the people he works with have known him for some time.
  6. He also has quite a wealth of knowledge on all things Ancient Egypt. That would take some time to acquire, which suggests a significant amount of time in control. Marc does not have any of this knowledge, and the depth of his intelligence suggests it is definitely something Steven must have studied for years.

Marc Spector

  1. The easiest and strongest evidence that Marc is the original is that, in the comics, he is. There is nothing stopping Moon Knight from twisting that, but it is a strong bet that the original character would remain the same.
  2. Marc is also the personality that had the connection to Khonshu and Moon Knight. His alter obviously meets Khonshu in the series, but even in suit form he is Mr. Knight, not Moon Knight. It would only make sense that Moon Knight is the original personality in Moon Knight.
  3. There’s also plenty of evidence that Marc had periods of time where he was in consistent control. He is married, and although it might be ending and we don’t know how long it lasted, presumably that relationship took some time. And, as we learned in Episode 3, Layla had no idea that Steven existed.
  4. Marc also told Layla in that same conversation that he “had it under control until recently”. That suggests that Steven’s time in control could be recent and unprecedented.
  5. One thing that raises more questions than answers is that Marc was aware of Steven while Steven was not aware of Marc. This could suggest that Marc knew because Marc was the original, but there are no obvious reasons why Steven would have absolutely no clue about Marc’s existence.

Moon Knight might very well not never resolve the question of who is the original, just to keep the ambiguity and mystery alive. Or, in the next couple of episodes, we learned more about our characters and their pasts. This could be a confirmation of Marc as the original, or a dramatic reveal that it is Steven instead. Or, who knows, another personality altogether could be revealed and take on that role.

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