New ‘Hit-Monkey’ Trailer Seemingly Reveals Major X-Men Villain

The new trailer for Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, set to stream exclusively on Hulu on November 17th, not only gave us a little more insight into the plot of the series, but also a look at another potential antagonist for the murderous macaque. The first look revealed that Hit-Monkey would be going up against Lady Bullseye and Fat Cobra and now it looks like we can add Wolverine’s one-time mentor and bad ass ninja sorcerer Ogun to the mix.

Ogun once trained Wolverine in the way of the samurai before betraying him and trying to inhabit his body to cheat death. He later abducted and possessed Logan’s student, Kitty Pryde, before being “killed” by Logan. Over the years, Ogun has returned to haunt Logan many times, including during the Death of Wolverine story line.

Though he’s not been revealed as part of the show, the trailer shows a character who seems to be wearing the trademark mask of Ogun and wielding two swords. In Hit-Monkey, it seems that Ogun is one of several “bosses” that the title character will face off against on his quest to avenge the death of the ghost of the assassin Bryce, voiced by Jason Sudekis, who becomes bound to Hit-Monkey following his murder. The trailer seems to set up what looks to be a pretty wild ride over the course of the series with a few other obscure characters whoing up as well.

Hit-Monkey begins streaming November 17th.

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