New ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Artwork Teases Green Goblin Joining the Final Fight Earlier

spider man no way home green goblin

Spider-Man: No Way Home has been all the rage since its release back in December. It’s no wonder given how the nostalgia-filled project managed to cement an emotional strong film that was made for fans, newcomers, and anyone in between. Illustrator Marek Okon took to Twitter to share some of the artwork realizing the events from the film with his latest focusing on the finale featuring all three Spider-Men facing off against some familiar foes.

The artwork looks great and it’s a nice touch of seeing all three versions of the iconic hero swinging side-by-side into battle. The curious addition is that the Green Goblin may have originally had a bigger role earlier in the climax, as he is seen here while Elektro and Sandman are still active. It’s difficult to make out but he also may have kept his original mask as well. In the film, he ends up joining at a later time after everyone else has been taken down already.

The illustrator also shared some artwork featuring the Mirror Dimension, which was Doctor Strange’s way of keeping Peter Parker from running away with the Deus Ex Machina that could’ve sent the villains home. It gave us some great visuals throughout their confrontation and it seems there were some additional ideas like using a small town as the backdrop.

It’s always impressive to see the many ways films are interpreted early on before they finalize designs or the direction. Still, the backdrops remained mostly unchanged and still remain as some of the most memorable within the MCU’s legacy. It’s still surprising to think that a rebuilt Statue of Liberty would make for such an effective background.

Source: Twitter

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