New ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Set Photos Reveal Return of Axe Woves

the mandalorian set photos

It looks like Din Djarin won’t be the only Mandalorian in the upcoming third season of The Mandalorian Disney+ series. It seems that Simon Kassianides will make his return as Axe Woves, who briefly appeared in the Bo-Katan introduction episode back in the seconds season. He was the only member of her trio that was noticeably absent during the finale. Luckily, Bespin Bulletin dropped a few set photos from the production that reveals an actor with the same armor on the set.

They do highlight that it’s very likely Kassianides himself, and he was working alongside Katee Sackhoff as well. So, we might see Bo Katan make her return in the upcoming season as well. The actress has hinted in the past on why Woves may have been absent during the final moments, but it’s uncertain if they might further explore the Night Owl’s moving forward. It is still surprising they haven’t gotten their own spinoff with how popular they were, especially when Sackhoff continued to play the role from the animated series.

Still, it’s great to see more involvement of the other Mandalorians in the upcoming sequel, especially with the series potentially moving towards further exploring Mandalore, as another rumor by Bespin Bulletin hinted at the potential visit of the mines below Mandalore that the Armorer teased. So, we’ll likely see more of their race pop up as the series continues and an unlikely following gathers around Din Djarin, the one to wield the Darksaber.

Source: Bespin Bulletin

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