REPORT: First Details on Thor’s ‘What If’ Episodes Tease an Intergalactic Party

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It’s fascinating how much we’ve seen from Thor: Love and Thunder‘s set but we still have no idea how the pieces fit together. Just recently, we got photos revealing our favorite God of Thunder ready for a workout and even a secret set for New Asgard. Yet, it’s not the only time that Thor will get the spotlight in the coming months, as Illuminerdi has just offered some more details on the Thor-centric What If episode. It seems that his episode will explore the scenario that he never finds his humility on Earth but instead decides to throw an intergalactic party there. Of course, a planet of that size will draw the attention of the wrong people that could even end the world.

We may have already gotten our first look at Party Thor from the series’ first merchandise leaks. There is also a chance he was heavily featured in the first trailers, as we saw a recreation of the first Thor film. Perhaps he was able to pull out Mjolnir on the first try and that sets off the events of this episode. If he never learned what it meant to be unworthy, he wouldn’t have become the Asgardian he is today.

We’ve already gotten our first look at Party Thor from the series’ first merchandise leaks. He was included on a t-shirt with the name “Party Thor” similar to how the alternative version of Captain America as a Zombie is simply titled “Zombie Captain America.” We still don’t know if these multiple episodes might connect throughout the first season especially with the tease of the Guardians of the Multiverse.

Source: Illuminerdi

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