UPDATE: ‘Agents of SHIELD and ‘Snowpiercer’ Composoer Jason Akers Not Working on ‘Hawkeye

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UPDATE: It looks like Jason Akers isn’t working on the Disney+ series after all. The composer took to Twitter to reveal that he’s not directly involved with the project. So, he’s neither is its composer nor working in Hawkeye’s music department.



Source: Twitter


We haven’t heard much on the upcoming Hawkeye series since the announcement it would release in November. Disney+ has been focused quite a bit on its release of Marvel Studios’ first animated series, What If. So, it might still be some time before we get our first full trailer for the series. Luckily, it seems DisInsider’s Derek Cornell has an update for the series, as Jason Akers may have joined the series music department.



He has quite the repertoire, as he worked in the music departments of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Sony’s God of War, Snowpiercer, and even Black Sails. He’s also had some experience with Marvel in the past, as he worked on 42 episodes of Marvel TV’s Agents of SHIELD series as a scoring assistant. So, he has some experience working with Disney and Marvel. His exact role in the series remains unknown.

It’ll be interesting how they tackle the soundtrack of Hawkeye. So far, each soundtrack stood out and matched the series perfectly. Loki was a standout among them. The Disney+ series focusing on the archer will have a more grounded story. We also know that Clint Barton will likely be deaf throughout the series, which could add a curious meta-level to the soundtrack.

We still know very little about the series, and it’ll be interesting how it expands the franchise. The latest entries have been more world-altering. So, a street-level series is a good chance to flip the pace. It also adds a new flair to their Disney+ ventures. There’s a lot more heading our way in the future. So, who knows, how it may surprise us.

Source: Twitter, IMDb

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