Roku turns Toronto into NYC in ‘Most Dangerous Game’ Set Video

most dangerous game set

Toronto has become the home of many productions. It’s quite popular for the CW network, which has shot many of their DC comics series in the Canadian city. It’s also currently the home to the Nick Sanora created series Most Dangerous Game. Originally premiering on the now-defunct Quibi app, it’s based on Richard Connell‘s 1924 short story. After the mobile streaming service closed up shop, Roku Channel purchased the rights to the series and gave it a second season.

The rules are simple. You’ll have 24 hours to survive with hunters trying to take you down. Each hour you survive, you’ll get money. Liam Hemsworth‘s Dodge Tynes finds out he has a brain tumor, he takes the risk to ensure his family’s future. The series is currently filming its second season in Toronto, where David Castañeda takes on the lead role. @TOFilming_EM shared a TikTok featuring the series set as they turned the Canadian city into New York City.

When Deadline reported the new lead, we got the confirmation the upcoming season takes place in New York City. The only confirmed returning actor from the previous season is Christoph Waltz, who plays a mysterious businessman by the name of Miles Sellars. He’s the one who offers the initial deal and organizes the hunts. It’s a simple but effective premise for an ongoing series. It’ll be interesting if we also see some familiar faces that return as the series continues.

Source: Twitter, Deadline

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