RUMOR: Runtime of “Explosive” 5th Episode of ‘Hawkeye’ Revealed

Episode 5 of Hawkeye is rumored to be the series’ most explosive to date. A new rumor suggests it’ll have to pack a lot into a short runtime

While we haven’t seen the 4th episode yet, next week’s 5th episode of Hawkeye is rumored to be one that will set social media abuzz. After last week’s tease that Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, is Maya Lopez’s “Uncle”, it’s likely that the series will fully reveal the character soon so he can engage in the plot of the final act, making Episode 5 a great time to see him start busting some heads.

Now, according to a report, we have a potential runtime for that 5th, potentially explosive episode. According to Amit Chaudhari, who seemingly nailed the runtimes for Episodes 3 and 4, Episode 5 will have a runtime of 42 minutes.

The first three episodes of Hawkeye have run for 50, 52 and 44 minutes respectively. Subtracting the opening intro and closing credits, we’ve gotten about 44, 43 and 36 minutes of actual action, so a 42-minute episode would provide maybe 35 or so minutes of time to fold Kingpin into the action.

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