‘Secret Invasion’ Set Photos Offer First Look at Emilia Clarke

secret invasion set photo

It’s surprising how little has found its way online from the Secret Invasion set. We’ve been following the Batgirl film through set photos and videos quite closely, while the Marvel productions have kept quite a tight lid on their projects. The only tease we got was that it was heading to Halifax’s Piece Hall with some set photos hinting at it being used as a stand-in for Russia. Now, some set photos have found their way online through Leeds Live, which gives us our first look at Emilia Clarke on the film’s set

It certainly isn’t the first look you might’ve expected, as it offers no hint at who she might be playing and it’s kind of perfect. Secret Invasion will dive into a world overrun by Skrulls and with Nick Fury’s involvement, there will be quite a lot of spies going undercover. So, it’ll be a lot of “whodunnit” action in the series and we’ll still have to guess who Clarke is playing. According to the set photos they’ve shared, the Lead city center was transformed into a Russian street. So, we might spend some time in that location and we’ll see if they might even explore SHIELD’s history with the KGB.

It’s certainly great to finally get a good look at the series’ set even if it doesn’t really tell us much for now. As they are still filming, and the film was taken out from an official website’s 2022 lineup, we probably won’t see it until 2023. As such, we might not find out who Emilia Clarke is playing for quite some time, but that won’t stop us from definitely theorizing.

Source: LeedsLive

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