‘Squid Game’ Becomes Netflix’s Most-Watched Series Launch

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The Korean drama Squid Game has been all the rage lately and it seems that Netflix managed to nab another international hit. It seems that the mini-series garnered around 111 million viewers in just its first month. As such, it’s their biggest launched series since Bridgerton, whose record was beaten within 28 days. It was in the top spot throughout 90 countries since its September debut with 30 language options available. Squid Game joins the ranks of international hits like Money Heist, Dark, and Lupin.

What is quite impressive lies in how Netflix’s internationalization strategy is strengthening its grip on the market. As Deadline highlights, it’s quite an investment to realize that a series can find an audience worldwide no matter the language. The concept of Squid Game also has the advantage of telling a story that connects with many. The struggle of the low and middle-class forces many people’s hands to desperate options. The Battle Royale concept has generally also become quite popular throughout media, may it be through film, TV, or video games.

Not everything has been golden for the streaming service, as they recently halted their Jupiter’s Legacy project, which originally included a multi-year contract with the expansion of the Millarverse. Instead, they are moving forward with a Supercrooks spin-off series that won’t directly tie into the franchise. They’ve been eyeing quite a few projects based on Dark Horse comics and even bringing Anime to live-action, such as the upcoming One Piece project.

Source: Deadline

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