‘Eternals’ Pre-Sales Hinting at Potential $110M Opening Weekend

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It looks like the numbers are finally coming in, as currently, Marvel Studios’ next project Eternals is beating US pre-sales records. As of now, according to Insider Charlie Jatinder, the film managed to garner the best sales numbers within 24 hours since 2019’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. As such, it’s early predictions would hint at a potential opening weekend between $90 to $110 million. As such, it beat out other Marvel Studios films Black Widow and Shang-Chi.

Keep in mind, pre-sales don’t always determine its overall box office but rather offer our first look into its potential. No Time To Die was outselling Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘s pre-sales but the latter ended up taking the top spot for best domestic opening with around $90M while the latest James Bond film was below expectation. Of course, the target audience plays a key role in how their weekend’s playoff with Eternals eyeing the usual Marvel viewership to build upon. So, it likely will have similar momentum to

It’s always interesting to get some insight into how the box office develops. We are in a post-COVID era technically, as developments have calmed down and cinemas are continuing to recover. Eternals is a cinema-only release, which has proven to draw in more audiences. Shang-Chi beat expectations and kept the top spot for four weeks without much competition. As we close in on November, we’ll get a clearer picture of how the film will potentially perform.

Source: Twitter, CNBC

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