‘STARGIRL’ Review: Episode 1.07, “Shiv: Part 1”

Stargirl season 1 has spent its previous episodes really establishing the characters and the antagonist they’ll be facing throughout the rest of the season and it’s something they’ve done quite flawlessly. I found myself craving another episode after finishing each and trying to savor them as they released. Now that we’ve got most of the setup out of the way, it’s time to finish what they came to Blue Valley to do. As the story begins to develop further and we witness the dawn of the new JSA, other foes will rise and “Shiv: Part 1” does a great job of setting up Cindy Burman as the sinister Shiv, daughter of the Dragon King.

Beginning with the JSA’s first official training session, Courtney’s impulsiveness rears its ugly head as she makes the whole session about her, irritating her teammates and Pat. Courtney’s impulsiveness is something that’s followed her since the first episode: from running off with the Cosmic Staff, to looting the old JSA headquarters to begin her recruitment process, her lack of self-control is becoming her one her biggest foes, but not as much of a threat as Cindy Burman is becoming. Since episode one, Cindy has been the resident “Mean Girl” at Blue Valley High and is now taking it even one step further. Cindy’s relationship with her father had become strained ever since the death of her mother, now she wants her spot on the ISA, but her father does not believe she is ready stating that he only gave her abilities so she would be able to protect herself.

The blended family dynamic at Courtney’s house is working great as Courtney and Pat’s constant back and forth is helping the two understand each other and work better as a team and Mike’s rising jealousy between the two getting closer feels incredibly natural.. To see where they’ve come since the first episode this fast and this well-done bodes well for the future of the show as the writing just gets stronger as the relationships and rivalries do as well. The choreography is another thing to behold, the fight between Shiv and Stargirl in the gym was amazing, reminiscent of the fight between the Stargirl and Sportsmaster.

Stargirl is a strong contender for being one of the best DC shows. The atmosphere is charming, yet threatening, and the progression of the characters and the story is elegantly done, along with the mystery of the Janitor who may know more about Blue Valley, and Arthurian Legend, then he is letting on.

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