‘STRANGER THINGS’ Season 4 Production Update

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been working hard to keep fans updated on the production of the fourth season of Stranger Things. From detailing the Lithuanian production to narrowing down when to expect things to kick off back in Atlanta to introducing some new characters and even confirming a planned FIFTH season, I’ve been on top of production all along. Now I’ve got one more tidbit to pass along.

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With filming in Lithuania wrapped (filming that I heard included not only David Harbour but also Winona Ryder), production is heading back to the United States. While I initially believed it would start in early March, it turns out I was WAY OFF. Production is set to begin in Atlanta tomorrow, February 28th.

This is good news for fans of the show as once it moves back to Atlanta, it should be easier to follow and cover. I expect to be able to bring you guys more news on the show over the next several weeks! Stay tuned to Murphy’s Multiverse…

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