Top 5 Candidates For The New Justice League

Recent rumors have sent fans of the DCEU into a bit of a crisis, pun intended. At the center of recent controversy is the fate of the Justice League within the shared universe and just what the team roster will look like in future appearances. Luckily the DC Extended Universe continues to grow and offers plenty of prime candidates who’ve joined the team in the pages of the comics and could eventually become a member in live-action.

Honorable Mention: Hawkgirl

The only reason Hawkgirl did not make the actual list is due to the uncertainness surrounding the character in the DCEU. The existence of Carter Hall, aka Hawkman, would point to Shiera Sanders Hall existing somewhere within the greater DC Universe. The character is a current member of the Infinite Frontier Justice League line-up and played a prominent role in the Justice League The Animated Series in which she was quite the fan-favorite character.

5. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz

Both cuts of Justice League confirm that Green Lanterns do indeed exist in the DCEU however the corps has been AWOL and yet to make an appearance in the present day. Both Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz will make their live-action debuts in the upcoming Green Lantern series on HBO Max, and while the status of the series canonicity in the DCEU is still up in the air, the two would make great additions to the league. The pair joined the league in the place of Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart upon the beginning of DC’s Rebirth storyline and have been present in the DC Universe ever since.

4. Shazam

Billy Batson is probably one of the most beloved characters in the DCEU with one of the best films; of course, he’s a viable candidate for the Justice League, especially with how the Shazam! ended. Rumors surrounding the future of the team state that he could very well indeed be one of the newest members. The character has been a come-and-go member of the team since the launch of the New 52 and has been a popular addition ever since.

3. Zatanna

Zatanna is in a similar situation to Hawkgirl, but we actually know for a fact that the character is coming with a solo film in the works from academy award-winning screenwriter Emerald Fennel. While the character will most likely be a member of the Justice League Dark, this doesn’t exactly keep her from the Justice League. If Constantine leads the JLD and Doctor Fate represents magic on the JSA, Zatanna should have a place on the JL as she’s quite a powerful magic user and the league lacks someone that specializes in that.

2. Martian Manhunter

A character who was there at the very beginning, Martian Manhunter is a founding member of the Justice League and should be a member of the team. He possesses a variety of different abilities and powers that make him worthy of a spot on the team. In recent years, the character has taken a bit of a backseat, with Cyborg taking his spot on the team when the New 52 came around. The character was only revealed to exist and be General Swanwick in Zack Snyder’s Justice League which isn’t technically canon to the mainline DCEU, but the character could still find a place in the DCEU and on the League in a post-Flash universe.

1. Black Canary

Jurnee Smollett’s debut as Dinah Lance in Birds of Prey was praised by fans for her portrayal of the character, and people instantly craved more of the character. Jurnee is set to return as the character in her own solo film, as well as rumored to appear in Batgirl. The character is usually seen on the team alongside Green Arrow, who has yet to make an appearance in the DCEU, but existence is sure due to a graphic image featuring Lexcorps corporate rivals listing Queen Industries. What we’ve seen from Dinah so far has proved she can hold her own and harnesses a killer canary cry. With Jurnee wracking up a few more appearances and quickly becoming a prominent character in the DCEU, a spot on the league is what she deserves.

The DC universe is vast and full of plenty of diverse and beloved characters and while things may feel familiar it’s also important to welcome a bit of change. The Justice League is a team that’s gone back decades and featured an ever-expanding and transitioning roster of characters so these additions wouldn’t feel out of the ordinary.

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