How ‘WandaVision’ Leaves the Door Open for Evan Peters’ Future in the MCU

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There are many unsolved stories left when WandaVision endedAmong them is the identity of Jimmy Woo’s missing person. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I can’t blame you. The line came early in the show’s fourth episode. It was when Woo explains to Monica Rambeau how he discovered the Westview anomaly. He revealed that he was searching for a person in the FBI’s Witness Protection Program, who had recently disappeared. After this, the missing person never got brought up again, understandably overshadowed in the government’s eyes by the giant magical hex encompassing an entire town. Luckily for fans who never stopped wondering, the series finale might have given enough clues to deduce the identity of this protected individual. The best part is that it offers a chance to also to expand Evan Peter‘s role in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Ralph, initially introduced as a “recast” version of Pietro Maximoff, was theorized from the get-go to be many different characters from Marvel comics canon. Many assumed the unseen husband of Agnes would get revealed as the big bad Mephisto. There was also the theory that the show’s fake Pietro was Peter Maximoff of X-Men: Days of Future Past fame. All of this was eventually proven untrue, as Monica realizes that Peters‘ character is simply another manipulated Westview resident. It left many feeling a bit underwhelmed, wishing that an actor of Peters‘ caliber would have a larger role in future MCU projects. Well, despite all the interviews to the contrary, I think there is more to Mr. Bohner than meets the eye. Although I’ve been a vocal advocate of letting theories go, I’m here to eat my own words and tell you there may be one more worth holding on to. I believe he might turn out to be Simon Williams at one point.



Williams has tried to join the MCU for years. Director James Gunn cast Nathan Fillion in the role for a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 cameo appearance, but it got scrapped. There were hints with his addition, such as a blurry image of the character in the first featurette during WandaVision‘s marketing campaign. It led to many assumptions that he would appear in some capacity during the anticipated nine-episode run. Yet despite this heavy pre-show speculation, the former Avenger never popped up. A recent interview with WandaVision showrunner Jac Shaeffer confirmed that there were never any plans to include Wonder Man in the series. However, Marvel Studios has never shied away from a little retroactive continuity change, as evidenced by All Hail the King‘s “fixing” of the infamous Mandarin twist from Iron Man 3. With this precedent in place, I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to evolve Ralph Bohner into Wonder Man.



There are a few details that could be re-worked to line up with Simon Williams’ characteristics. Firstly, the picture held by Monica in Ralph’s home appears to be a headshot. We never learn what Ralph’s profession is, but the presence of a headshot could indicate prior aspirations towards acting. If this turned out to be true, Agatha would make use of a former actor as her double for Pietro, knowing he’d be capable of pulling the character off in a pinch. Secondly, the way Bohner seems to be unfamiliar with his name. Sure, it probably has something to do with him being under Agatha Harkness’s control, but if Ralph is Woo’s missing person, it stands to reason that he might have picked out a name that appealed to his immature side. The former Mr. Williams might have then relocated to the safe and unassuming town of Westview, unaware he’d soon get swept up in magical shenanigans.



Now, why would a goofy thespian like Ralph even be forced to enter witness protection in the first place? Some fans may be aware that Simon Williams isn’t the only masked member of his family. His older brother Eric is the villainous Grim Reaper. He even was once heavily rumored to be involved with Marvel Studios’ debut series. The antagonist even got a maybe-accidental nod during WandaVision‘s second episode, where the silhouette of his mask was included in the animated opening sequence. With that in mind, one could piece together that Ralph may have gotten caught up in his brother’s criminal activities, forcing him to give up his dreams of acting and join the Witness Protection Program.

We never actually get to see what happens to Ralph after his apprehension by Monica. We know that he got freed of Agatha’s control. The shell necklace gave off a purple glow, which isn’t dissimilar from the energy produced by Wonder Man in the original Marvel books, but nothing is shown after that. Evan Peters’ open-ended plotline is perfect to set-up a return of “Ralph Bohner” in the future of the MCU. Perhaps then he’ll be going by a more familiar name, in a town that doesn’t have dueling witches or philosophical androids running amok in the streets. Or maybe he’ll have to deal with them again, who knows?

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