The Pulse: Collecting the Biggest News of the Past Week (Sep 20)

We Might Finally Know Who is Voicing Kro! Wait, Who the Hell is Kro?

Eternals is next up for Marvel Studios and is going to introduce fans to the most obscure group of heroes and villains yet. The trailer revealed one of those villains: the Deviant warlord Kro. To be sure this Kro looks a whole lot different than his comic book counterpart but now we might know why he sounded so much like Dan Stevens. While talking to Collider, Stevens randomly namedropped the character and since only 0.05% of the population knows who it is, it might just be because he’s voicing him.

Hit Monkey Trailer Indicates He’s Set to Square Off Against Some Killer Foes

marvel hit monkey

Marvel’s animated series Hit Monkey is set to debut on Hulu on November 17th and the first trailer for the series gave brief glimpses of a couple of characters that the merc turned macaque might find himself up against: Daredevil baddie Lady Bullseye and Immortal Weapon Fat Cobra! The trailer didn’t really give any context for their roles in the series, so they might be brief cameos for all we know, but they were certainly cool surprises in what was a fairly intriguing trailer.

Marvel Studios Victoria Alonso Gets Promoted

Marvel's Voices: Victoria Alonso on Marvel Studios' Approach to Filmmaking,  Stan Lee's Enduring Legacy, and Finding Your Inner Super Hero | Marvel

One of the keys to Marvel Studios continued success is that the people who built it beginning with 2008’s Iron Man have stayed the course and followed their vision. One of those key visionaries, Victoria Alonso, who Kevin Feige called “one of the most dynamic, candid and accessible executives in the industry”, just got herself a new job within the Studio. Alonso is now President of Physical and Post Production, Visual Effects, and Animation Production and we have no idea what that means but it’s great to see Alonso continue to climb the ladder of the company she helped shape.

Disney Plus Day Should Be Pretty Sick, Bro

Disney+. Apple TV+. How the plus sign won the streaming wars - Los Angeles  Times

We first heard about Disney’s planned Disney Plus Day last month but it was just this week that we finally got an idea of just what to expect. It seems Marvel Studios will release a D+ special with a look at its future plans and make Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings available on the platform. We also learned that Lucasfilm has a Boba Fett special on the agenda. We’ll keep you updated on any further changes to the schedule, but as of now it sounds like we’re going to be buzzing on November 12th!

Here We Go! ‘Super Mario’ Animated Film Has a Bonkers Cast List

Mario Vs. Luigi: Who Would Win In A Fight?

One major announcement coming out of Nintendo Direct was the voice cast Illumination’s 2022 Super Mario. The animated film will hit U.S. theaters December 21st, 2022 and has a fully loaded baked potato of a cast. Chris Pratt and Charlie Day will voice Mario and Luigi, respectively, while Anya Taylor-Joy will voice Peach. Seth Rogen, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key and more will bring other characters from the iconic franchise to life.

HBO Max’s ‘Batgirl’ to be Scored by Natalie Holt

Natalie Holt on Creating the Score for Loki, Marvel's God of Mischief —  Composer Magazine

Natalie Holt’s work on the Disney Plus streaming series Loki made quite an impression on fans. Now the composer will jump over to DC to put together the music for the upcoming HBO Max film Batgirl. Leslie Grace will star as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and the film will stream some time in 2022.

Netflix Bringing Back the Mythical Character from Bumf@uck Oklahoma in ‘Tiger King 2’

tiger king 2

Netflix has rung the bell and awakened the Tiger King. The studio has announced a second season of the absolutely insane documentary that first captured everyone’s attention right at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Trapped in their homes with nothing else to watch, humans were exposed to the stories of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin and nobody as been the same since. Hoping to kickstart the Apocalypse, Netflix is going to stream the follow up, presumably in 2022. I’m never going to mentally recover from this.

‘Ms. Marvel’ Will Stream in 2022

MS. MARVEL Star Iman Vellani Opens Up About What It Means to Her to Be  Joining the MCU — GeekTyrant

Once upon a time, Kamala Khan was set to make a cameo in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Then COVID screwed that up. Then her solo series was set to stream on Disney Plus late this year. Then COVID screwed that up (maybe?). Now we’ll have to wait until 2022 to see Kamala embiggen on our TVs. According to Variety, the rumored delay has been confirmed though no official date has been given. Maybe we’ll get one during November’s Disney Plus Day.

Olivia Colman’s Spy Character is Here to Stay

Olivia Colman: Latest News, Pictures & Videos - HELLO!

In a Murphy’s Multiverse exclusive, we reported that Academy Award-winning actress Olivia Colman’s unknown spy character will be sticking around the MCU in future projects. The character, described as a Fury-esque spy, will first be seen doing some shady work in Secret Invasion. Fury. The Contessa. Now this spymaster. Seems like things are going to get real interesting in the MCU. Who do you trust?

‘Aquaman 2’ Will Have a Shark, But Not King Shark

7 Reasons to Watch the 1967 AQUAMAN Animated Series

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is rounding out its cast and it looks like they figured that since everyone liked King Shark so much in The Suicide Squad, that they should have a shark too. And since they aren’t using King Shark, they decided to have a telepathic shark! Sounds like this one is going to get pretty wild.

‘Secret Invasion’ Will Be Quake-free

Marvel's Secret Invasion: 10 Best Moments From The Comics The MCU Can Adapt

Chloe Bennet will not be reprising her role as Daisy Johnson/Quake in the MCU…at least not yet…and probably not ever. The star of ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. took time out of her day to break the news to her fans via Twitter. Nobody is exactly sure why she did it nor why anyone thought she was in Secret Invasion in the first place, but let’s not facts get in the way of fan theories. On a positive note, she has yet to deny that she will be joining the MCU as Mephisto, so keep your fingers crossed.

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