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What To Expect From the Future of Video Game Adaptations and When to Expect It

December 30, 2020: Monster Hunter

Based on Capcom’s game series of the same name, it’s a title that found its audience mainly in Japan and Southeast Asia, but that with the release of Monster Hunter: World back in 2018 managed to increase its western market share. As of 2020, it placed second in Capcom’s best-selling game series, only behind Resident Evil.

It was more than ten years ago, on one of his trips to Japan, that director Paul W. S. Anderson (Event HorizonDeath RaceResident Evil) discovered the franchise and set on adapting it to the big screen. Development began in 2016, with the project finally going into production by September 2018. Milla Jovovich was already on board in the leading role. It was decided that Jovovich would play someone from our world. She would introduce the audience to this monster-filled world through her eyes.

In October 2020, we got the first teaser and shortly after our first full trailer. Unless its release date gets pushed, like so many other movies in 2020, the film will hit theaters worldwide in late December.


Milla Jovovich as Captain Natalie Artemis
Tony Jaa as The Hunter
Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Jr. as Link
Meagan Good in an unknown role
Diego Boneta in an unknown role
Josh Helman in an unknown role
Jin Au-Yeung in an unknown role
Ron Perlman as Admiral  

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