What to Expect from the Future of Video Game Adaptations and When to Expect It


It still feels somewhat unreal that Uncharted‘s release is only a few months away. Ever since Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune released in 2007, there have been rumors surrounding a movie adaptation of a game that’s, among other things, an incredible cinematic achievement. The game series grew to become one of the best-selling, best-reviewed gaming franchises of its generation, with Nathan Drake earning his place in the pantheon of 21st-century video game characters.

The project went through several possible directors, screenwriters, and leads. It was only in 2017 that Tom Holland joined as the charismatic treasure-hunter. Mark Wahlberg, who was in contention for the lead at that time, returned to the project taking on the role of Drake’s friend and mentor, Victor Sullivan. This news came just three months before Ruben Fleischer entered talks to replace Travis Knight as director, which marked the end of this project’s tumultuous development. Or so they thought. Just a couple of days after the shooting began, production had to shut down due to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. Principal photography then got back on track that same summer, having ended in late October 2020.

Around this time, we got a few behind the scenes pictures that might hint at what the storyline of the movie might be about, as well as the first official look at Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake, on set and in costume.

Considering Holland and Wahlberg’s age, the movie will present us with a younger Nathan Drake than the one we found in the games, probably taking a few hints from the flashback sequences in both Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. We will most likely witness the beginnings of the friendship between Nate and Sully, possibly even their first shared adventure. In the games, their relationship was already well established from the start, and after their first meeting in a flashback sequence in Uncharted 3, there is quite a gap in their story just waiting to be filled.

With the first Official Trailer released in October 2021, elements from several games were noticeable, hinting that the storyline might incorporate plot beats not only from the main Uncharted series but also from Lost Legacy.


  • Tom Holland as Nathan Drake
  • Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan
  • Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer
  • Antonio Banderas in an unknown role
  • Tati Gabrielle in an unknown role 

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